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AGOA Issues EOI for Flag Football Officials

2024 GA Flag Football Nationals - 4th & 5th May 2024, Brisbane

The Australian Gridiron Officials Association, in conjunction with Gridiron Australia, are seeking Expressions of Interest from officials to be considered for the officiating panel at the 2024 GA Flag Football Nationals.

Tournament Details

Tournament details are as follows (subject to final confirmation):

Dates: Sat 4th May 2024, 9am to 5pm

Sun 5th May 2024, 9am to 5pm

Venue: TBC, Brisbane

There will be four divisions: Men’s Nationals, Women’s Nationals, Under 17s Mixed, Under 15s Mixed.  Each division will be split into two pools of four teams each.  Under 17s and Under 15s will have a single round of playoffs, whilst Men’s and Women’s nationals will have quarter finals, semi finals, and finals. There is estimated to be a total of 74 games across all divisions over the 2 day tournament. 

Six fields will be in use simultaneously, with seven game time slots each day. Crew compositions will be: 

  • crews of three officials for the pool games and the early playoffs,

  • crews of four officials for the finals.

The Officiating Panel

AGOA is preparing to appoint a panel of 24 officials to the tournament.  An official should expect to work between three to five games each day.

As part of the nomination process, officials will be required to indicate their current level of Flag Football officiating. Experience level will form part of the selection criteria, but less experienced flag officials, or tackle football officials are still encouraged to nominate. Development positions will be considered by the National Selection Committee.

Games will be played using the IFAF Flag Football Rules 2023, and officiated using the IFAF Flag Football Officiating Mechanics 2021.  All participating officials are expected to be (or commit to becoming) familiar with the Rules and Mechanics.  Additionally, all participating officials are required to commit to participating in regular online training sessions, and in an online Facebook study group.  All appointed officials are also required to become members of the AGOA via the GA Assemble platform. Current registration is $0 for an Associate Member. 

Officials are required to wear the IFAF uniform consisting of:

  • 2” striped IFAF regulation shirts (short sleeves as a preference, no undershirts to be visible)

  • black pants,

  • black cap with white piping,

and have a

  • IFAF regulation yellow penalty marker,

  • blue or black bean bag,

  • and an approved whistle.

Officials without correct uniforms or equipment will be assisted in obtaining or borrowing them.


Officials will receive a match payment of $40 per game for men’s and women’s games.  The match fee per game for Under 17s and Under 15s games is still to be confirmed.

Importantly, please note that official's travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the official - you are responsible for making the necessary arrangements, and at your own expense.

EOI Nominations

To nominate, please complete the Expression of Interest form at the link below:

Nominations close Monday 26th February 2024, 9pm AEDT.

For further information, contact Mark Looi, AGOA Flag Football Officiating Coordinator and Tournament Lead Official at


New to Flag Football Officiating?

If you're just starting out and not ready to officiate the National Championships, but are keen to join Team Zebra; the ever-growing list of GA affiliated State flag football leagues are always looking for new officials.

Whether you've never officiated before or have some experience and just want to ref your local state competitions, we'd love to hear from you.

Complete the contact form below and we can get you started and in contact with a flag football competition in your state.

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