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Gridiron Australia and Bring it on Sports Unite to Introduce Flag Football to Australian Schools

Gridiron Australia, the national governing body for American Football in Australia, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Bring it on Sports, a leading sports education provider. Together, they are set to bring the exciting world of Flag Football to schools across the country through the Australian Sporting Schools Program.

The collaboration marks the initiation of a pilot phase, aimed at introducing Flag Football to school curriculums and foster interest and participation among students. The program will be available to all schools across the nation, providing students with the opportunity to engage in a dynamic and inclusive sport that emphasises teamwork, strategy, and physical fitness.

"We are delighted to partner with Bring it on Sports to expand the reach of American Football through the Australian Sporting Schools Program," said Wade Kelly, CEO of Gridiron Australia. "This initiative aligns with our mission to promote the growth of American Football in Australia and provides a unique opportunity for students to experience the excitement of the sport." “Our goal is to put a football in every hand, and this program aligns perfectly with that goal as kids right around Australia will have the opportunity to get involved at school”.

Bring it on Sports, known for its expertise in sports education programs, will play a crucial role in the successful implementation and delivery of the Flag Football curriculum in schools.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Gridiron Australia to deliver Flag Football through the Sporting Schools Program to Australian schools” said Paul Manera, co-director of Bring it on Sports. “We have been delivering sports - including Flag Football, dance, fitness, wellness and self-defence to schools for the past 17 years and to be able to deliver Flag Football through the Sporting Schools Program will give greater opportunity for the sport to be experienced by many more students and schools throughout the country which is very exciting for the sport”

The pilot phase is set to commence at the end of Term 1 of 2024, with plans to expand the program into every state from Term 3 and beyond. Gridiron Australia and Bring it on Sports are dedicated to ensuring that students in every corner of the country have the opportunity to experience the world of American football.

For media enquiries or further information on how you school can get involved, please contact:

Gridiron Australia: Bring it on Sports:

About Gridiron Australia: Gridiron Australia is the governing body for American football in Australia, responsible for promoting and developing the sport at all levels. With a commitment to fostering a strong community and providing opportunities for players of all ages, Gridiron Australia is dedicated to growing the presence of American football across the nation.

About Bring it on Sports: Bring it on Sports is a leading sports education provider, specialising in the delivery of dynamic and engaging sports programs for schools and communities. With a focus on promoting physical activity, teamwork, and skill development, Bring it on Sports is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals through sports education.

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