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Gridiron Australia announces technology partnership with WatchGameFilm for the 2020 National Championships

WatchGameFilm video tools will be available to all coaches and players during the tournament.

Gridiron Australia is excited to announce that the 2020 National Championships will feature video analysis software WatchGameFilm to review video and stats to improve performance during the tournament.

“We are extremely excited to provide all players and coaches at the tournament unlimited access to film and stats” said Stacey Speer Communications Director, Gridiron Australia. “Enabling coaches to make informed decisions about strategy and tactics and players to be able to use video to improve performance on-field, will hopefully see a new level of competition during the tournament.”


As a former player, albeit long before women’s football had become what it is now, I am particularly energized by the way Gridiron Australia has the top talent from both Mens and Womens competitions being played alongside each other.” said Becky Sharpe, Co-Owner of WatchGameFilm. “Our goal is to help create a level playing field for teams around the world. Being Gridiron Australia’s partner is a major step in that direction.”

Featuring unlimited film storage, unlimited users, play breakdowns and highlight capabilities WatchGameFilm is a low cost, easy to use solution for any football program.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Gridiron Australia. We love helping coaches save money and hear their excitement when they find out that the service includes unlimited users and film storage” said Joe Kirsch, Founder of WatchGameFilm

Gridiron Australia’s partnership with WatchGameFilm will play a part in developing all areas of the sport across the country from National coaches being able to scout elite-level talent across state competitions, to developing officiating frameworks and coaching packages.

“Being involved in the sport of Gridiron for the last 20 years both as a player and coach across all levels from Club teams to Australian Outback teams, this partnership with WatchGameFilm provides coaches and local club teams a cost-effective film review platform that has unlimited storage and number of players that can be added.” Kelvin Howsan, Emerging Program Director, Gridiron Australia.


For more information on WatchGameFilm contact:
Gridiron Australia
Emerging Programs Director
Kelvin Howsan kelvin.howsan@ga.org.au