There is no argument that football is a game that requires tremendous strength. Tackling an opponent, laying a block and stiff-arming pursuing tacklers are just a few examples of strength-dependent manoeuvres. In conjunction with proper technique and execution, having a high level of strength will increase an athlete’s ability to perform these actions effectively against an opponent. However, strength alone doesn’t win football games.  Athletes need both strength and power. The Australian Outback Men’s Team would like to welcome the following Strength and Conditioning (S&C) coaches that will be working with players around Australia to prepare for the 2019 National Selection Camp and World Championship.

Daniel Chapelle holds both a Bachelor and Postgraduate degree in the field of Exercise Science and is accredited with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) as both an Exercise Scientist and Exercise Physiologist. Daniel’s experience ranges from injury rehabilitation, body re-composition as well as athlete performance and development.

David Hill (Hilly) has been a part of the coaching staff of the Gold Coast Stingrays for the past 5 years, supporting S&C, rehab, positional coaching and now as a Head Coach in 2018. He has 15 years experience in the health and S&C field, having coached in multiple sports supporting many national and Paralympic champions, and is currently the national manager for Exercise Physiology at MAX Solutions. David looks forward to supporting the Outback’s 2019 World Championship campaign.

Mark Tatnell (Tats) is a previous player at club, state and Outback level and has 10 years experience playing varied positions in the sport. Mark has been a Personal Trainer for 3 Years and a S&C Coach for 2 of those years. He was the S&C Coach for QLD Sundevils for their 2018 Campaign. He has coached several players from various clubs both in a group and 1 on 1 capacity. Mark looks forward to working with all players to make them bigger/faster/stronger for 2019 World Championship.

Adam Pople is in his fifth year as an S&C coach, having worked in professional soccer, VFL football and college football at Minnesota State. He is currently at a Sports Medicine in Melbourne and is excited to be supporting the Outback’s World Championship efforts in 2019.

Caleb Morgan has been a part of the Junior Australian Outback representative team as both a player and now as a coach. He is a second-year S&C coach currently studying Sport and Exercise Science at University. Caleb has been involved with S&C for the Melbourne Victory Youth team and Avondale Heights Football Club. He can’t wait to get started on the process to best help prepare the Senior Australian Outback team for the 2019 World Championship.