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Gridiron Australia is pleased to announce a powerful partnership in Livestream with Livestreaming Brisbane.

Darrin Mitchell, Chair of Gridiron Australia said, “Gridiron Australia is always looking for the right relationships that will benefit the football community. LSB have been apart of the community for over 6 years, producing quality events, side-by-side the game.”

This new partnership will deliver greater visibility of Gridiron Australia’s marquee games and events, commencing this April, with the broadcast of the 2019 Junior National Championships.

Paul Mills, Director of LSB said “the entire team are looking forward to working closely with Gridiron Australia and the various state organisations to build a platform that not only entertains the strong fan base already in place, but grow the sport into something that can be recognised and respected worldwide.”

The Junior National Championships will be broadcast from Narrabeen, NSW between the 13th April to the 20th April. All details on games will be provided on our social platforms.