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At the recent State Summit a Working Group was formed to develop the Gridiron Australia National Coaching Framework to provide consistency in recognition and to provide a pathway for existing and new coaches to develop within the sport here in Australia. 

The Working Group consisted of the following representatives:

GA – Kevin Wilson, Kelvin Howsan
NSW – Mitch Woellner
VIC – Matthew Jenkins
ACT – George Stosic
SA – Robert Westmcinnes
TAS – Derek Hagstron
WA – Jim Winter
QLD – Lance Tongakilo 

The Working Group was charged with the following considerations:

  • Consistent recognition throughout the country
  • Guidance for State Governing Bodies to control certification within their state
  • Recognition of prior learning and experience of coaches within the current system
  • Minimum standards to protect the safety of players and members
  • Easy access, delivery and administration 
  • Pathway for “recreational” coaches


Please find here the competitive and recreational coaching frameworks.

Some things to note:

  • All coaches will be required to have completed both the ASC Community Coaching Principle and the USA Youth Tackle Certification which are already in place
  • Existing Coaches will have three (3) months to apply for recognised prior learning and receive appropriate recognition 
  • There is a high focus on mentoring by more senior accredited coaches to ensure quality learning and reduce the focus on theory. 
  • Other than the minimum standards, clubs and states will determine their requirements
  • Modules will be sourced, developed over the next 3 months for new coaches 
  • The framework will be reviewed annually    

What do I do next?

If I am an existing coach, fill out my RPL Application and submit to admin@ga.org,au. These applications will then be considered against the criteria and approved where appropriate. 

If I am a new coach, complete my ASC community coaching principles and USA Youth Tackle Football certification.

I want to thank the working group for their input and commitment to delivering a workable framework for both existing and new coaches. 

Kevin Wilson
Vice Chairman
Gridiron Australia