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Coaching Accreditation Program

At the recent State Summit, a Working Group was formed to develop the Gridiron Australia National Coaching Framework to provide consistency in recognition and to provide a pathway for existing and new coaches to develop within the sport here in Australia. Please find here the competitive and recreational GA coaching framework. More details about the program can be found here: https://www.gridiron.org.au/gridiron-australia-coaching-accreditation-program-launch/

To obtain recognition with Gridiron Australia as a coach under the new coaching recognition framework you will need to complete the following:

Once your Gridiron Australia Membership has been verified you will receive an email with login information to the Accreditation Portal.



Q: Do I still need to do USA Football Level 1 and the ASC General Principals of Coaching?
A: Yes, however, we will review the USA Football System once we have the Gridiron Australia Coaching Accreditation Program up and running.

Q: I have just done my USA Football recertification do I need to do it again?
A: No, at the moment the USA Football Level 1 is all that is required for GA Coaching Accreditation – once your USA Football Certification expires you will be required to complete the new Atavus Tackling Certification.

Q: Can I do the Atavus Tackling Certification instead of USA Football Level 1?
A: Yes, once the Atavus certification is completed you may choose to do that instead of USA Football as we will be phasing out that program.

Q: Will accreditation through this program be free?
A: Yes, you will only pay to register as a Coach under Gridiron Australia. The cost of the accreditation program is provided free to those registered as a Coach in 2019/2020.
The paid components are via USA Football and/or Atavus Tackling.


If the below portal doesn’t load please visit ga.coachstonefootball.com