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The Board of Gridiron Australia serves as the strategic backbone of American Football's governing body in Australia.


Comprising a diverse group of seasoned professionals, enthusiasts, and leaders with a shared passion for the sport, the Board plays a pivotal role in steering the direction and growth of American Football across the nation.


Drawing upon their expertise from various domains, Board members collaboratively shape policies, establish key partnerships, and make informed decisions to ensure the continued development, sustainability, and success of American Football in Australia.


As custodians of the sport's values and aspirations, the Board of Gridiron Australia is dedicated to fostering an environment of excellence, inclusivity, and innovation that empowers athletes, fans, and stakeholders alike.

The Gridiron Australia Board is currently made up of 9 members.


Chairperson - Bret Mullavey

Bret Mullavey was elected to the Gridiron Australia board in 2022.

Bret’s involvement in Gridiron has been a relatively short one, joining his local club the Croydon Rangers in 2019. Since then, he’s held the role of Football Operations and Vice President of the Rangers – overseeing day to day operations of the club, marketing, coaching and onboarding.

Bret joined the Gridiron Victoria board in 2020 and aided the league in relaunching post covid, and spearheaded member engagement, marketing and player onboarding.

In a professional capacity, Bret runs his own finance business based out of Melbourne and is passionate about graphic design and photography.

Deputy Chairperson - Pamela Tuft

Pamela was appointed to the Gridiron Australia board in 2022, before being elected in 2023 for a 3 year term.

Pamela is a current Official, first working on field in 2017. Pam has officiated at a state, national and international level, representing Australia as an official at the 2022 Women’s World Cup in Finland.

Pamela is a former director of the Australian Gridiron Officials Association. Having served from 2019 and appointed Chairperson in 2021, until she joined the Gridiron Australia board.

Pamela has a background in accounts, marketing and project management.


Director - Cameron Baranski

Cameron was appointed to the Gridiron Australia board in 2022.

Cameron’s background has seen him work in senior roles for Adidas, Oakley and Redbull over a 20+ year career in all facets of Marketing.


More recently, Cameron was currently the CEO of sporting goods start-up Chargeball.


Cameron previously lived in the United States, in particular Texas where he had involvement and exposure to American and Flag Football.


Director - Daniel Noonan

Daniel joined the Gridiron Australia board in 2022 as an Elected Director.

Daniel studied Commerce and Computer Science at Deakin University Geelong. Having worked in Project Management and Sales he currently works as a Sales Manager in the construction industry.

He has 20 years experience with Gridiron Australia as a Player, Coach, Committee Member and Chair at Club and State level in Victoria, before taking up a role with Gridiron Australia.


Director - Erin Lubowicz

Erin was appointed to the Gridiron Australia board in 2022. Erin has had a lifelong love of American football, and has experience as a volunteer member of the Baltimore Ravens organisation in the US.

Professionally, Erin has held leadership roles in four countries and currently works at the Executive level in the public service.


Erin specialises in strategic planning, governance and regulatory compliance.


Director - Megan Harris

Megan was appointed to the Gridiron Australia board in 2022.

Megan specialises in Change Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Strategy. Her clients include large sporting organisations and utility companies and she has an extensive history in driving change within the oil and gas industry.

Megan comes to us with 7 years Rugby League experience and currently consults at all levels of the game. Her board experience has been within not-for-profit sporting organisations and Megan is looking forward to bringing her experience in People, Stakeholder Management, Strategy and Change.


Director - Michael Datta

Michael was appointed to the Gridiron Australia board in 2023.

Michael has been at it since 1992, after returning to Australia from the United States, with a university background in psychology, science and business. He has built ventures, brands, advised and activated multinational organisations across multiple industries and geographies. Michael has built his career as a very strong collaborator, connector and trusted advisor. 

Michael is a mentor and coach to many business owners, senior corporate executives, and professional/amateur athletes, providing strategic advice focused on professional brand development and positive personal and business, growth outcomes.


Director - Paul Devlin

Paul was elected to the Gridiron Australia board in 2023.

Paul Devlin leads sport for AWS in Australia and has over 20 years of experience at almost every layer of the sports industry. Paul spent 10 years as a professional rugby player in Europe, then moved into high performance management with a specific focus around sports
technology and data driven decision making. He has consulted to many sports’ technology companies across the last 10 years and also has extensive executive coaching experience.

Paul has BSc Business Information Systems, MSc Strength and Conditioning Science, M.B.A. from AGSM in Sydney, and is currently studying LLM International Sports Law in Practice.


Director - Ryan Lenegan

Ryan was appointed to the Gridiron Australia board in 2022.

Ryan brings to the sport extensive experience in management roles within Football West, Hockey WA, Griffith University and Australian University Sport. He is currently the CEO of Perth Basketball Association.

He holds a Masters of Sports Management (Bond University) and Bachelor of Journalism (Bond University).

Ryan developed a passion for American Football while on secondment with the NAIA in Kansas City, Missouri.

Should you want to get in contact with the board, you can do so by emailing

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

— Phil Jackson

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