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Gridiron Australia’s 2020 National Championships will involve both Women’s and Men’s competition and will be held with an “in-camp” format in May 2020. It is expected that games will be held on concurrent days (e.g. Men’s day 1- Women’s Day 2, etc.) followed by championship games on the final day of competition. Current expectation is 7 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams (Subject to confirmation). Squads will be approximately 45-50 per team.

Gridiron Australia (GA) is seeking bids from interested parties to host the event by completing the below RFQ document.
GA 2020 Combined AGL/WAGL RFP (Word)
GA 2020 Combined AGL/WAGL RFP (PDF)

To be considered completed applications should be forwarded to admin@ga.org.au.